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Employer in the Spotlight - Staveley Head - August 2017

Find out why Lee loves working at Staveley Head - and it's not just the pool tournaments! Read more to discover great opportunities.

Industry:                      Insurance


Employees:                  130


Location:                      North Wales


An employer of choice


Established for over 25 years, Staveley Head has become one of the most respected providers of insurance products in the UK, and has ambitious plans for continued growth at a fast pace.


Working with top insurers across the UK, such as Aviva, Liverpool Victoria and Zurich, the family owned business is winner of numerous awards including the UK Broker Award 2016, and the Insurance Times TechAward in 2013 and 2014.


The business knows the importance of having a happy, motivated workforce – and continues to make significant investments to develop a rewarding culture that is fun and supportive. The team benefit from impressive office facilities that include a pool table, Xbox and TV, with a great space to relax during breaks. Staveley Head value committed and enthusiastic employees – so provide ongoing training and encouragement to support personal development. The growing business remains small enough to ensure you are noticed, but big enough to provide a variety of career progression opportunities.

Staveley Head - Employee in the spotlight

Name:  Lee Evans 

Job Title: Senior Sales Executive

Length of Service:  5 years                                                                 

Why do you enjoy working at Staveley Head?

“Staveley Head is a friendly place to work and there’s a lot of opportunity to progress – During the five years I have worked here I have progressed through the different departments within the company, until eventually being promoted to a Senior Sales Executive. All staff are very friendly and there is no issue with new starters fitting in and forging new friendships. We also have a pool table downstairs with regular tournaments and a Fantasy Football league, with both having big cash prizes! To top it all off nothing beats a free bar at the Christmas Party!”

What is the working environment like?

“It can be very fast paced here. You get the chance to get on with a lot of people and make new friendships. The job itself is target driven so it can be very intense at times but very rewarding.”

Which Staveley Head rewards do you love the most?

“There’s a great bonus scheme in place which gives you plenty of chance to maximise your earnings. There’s a lot of room to progress and plenty of good training, especially for new starters. We have a Star Award, similar to Employee of the Month, where employees get to nominate who their “star” of the month is with a trophy to keep on your desk for the winner. Similar to that there is also an Employee of the Year award, with the winner being announced at the Christmas Party with some great prizes!”

What training and support have you received?

“I’ve come from an insurance background and have been in the industry for ten years now – so I already have some familiarity with insurance products before joining the company. I’ve had some great help and advice from people above me during my progression through the different departments I have worked in. For new starters there is continuous training through the job. We have the opportunity to attend courses and can complete group training and role playing exercises, which makes a great community in the workplace – everyone gets to know each other.”


Join the Team


The Sales Team at Staveley Head is rapidly expanding, so if you’re a natural on the phone don’t miss this opportunity to join the fun and lively department as a Sales Executive. This role will enable you to develop your career and reap the financial rewards for your high performance, to read more and apply click here.

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